Training Needs Analysis for Library Workers 

Welcome to your Training Needs Analysis. This Training Needs Analysis compares your skills and knowledge to those required to be competent at a Diploma of library and information services level.

We have divided these according to the BSB Business Services Training Package, specifically the Diploma of Library and Information Services. No matter what area of LIS you work in, or wish to work in the future, you will need at least some or all of these skills, regardless of what your title is, e.g. Branch Librarian, Customer Services Coordinator, Library Technician, Library Assistant etc. Of course, the degree to which these are each required will be different for each role.

Should you wish to specialise, then you will need a more in depth look into specific skills and knowledge required, which is outside of the scope of this document.

Of course, there are a broader set of skills that are required for a 21st century library that may be outside the scope of this document. However, this TNA will measure the core skills that are relevant in a LIS context to a paraprofessional Library Technician level. As mentioned though, these skills are relevant to Library Assistants or Librarians alike.

Note that if you are completely competent in some of these areas, you may be able to formalise your previous experience, learning and knowledge and get a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment in these areas, via Recognition of Prior Learning. For more info on RPL, check out:

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